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Spades- Zerotonin EP

Spades proves himself a ‘jack of all trades’ on genre-bending ‘Zerotonin’ EP

As the sonic alter ego of Chicago native Joe Grothe, Spades is officially back on the release radar with his newest EP, Zerotonin. Complete with four unique tracks and filled with serious basslines, Zerotonin is a high-energy, heavy-hitting body of work that promises to turn listeners up full throttle.

The EP takes off with the genre-blurring title track, “Zerotonin,” which brings together an array of different musical styles, textures, and backgrounds. The three-and-a-half-minute cut flows effortlessly into “Good Measure, which pulls on trip-hop inspiration like off-kilter beats and breakbeat percussion. Together, these are two tracks designed purely to get crowds moving.

The project begins it’s steady comedown with a track in two parts, “Fallout Pt. 1” and “Fallout Pt. 2”, which come as every special high-energy numbers that pack a serious punch. It’s two-part nature is a theme that ungirds the entire EP, according to SPADES: “Like my last EP, each song is a combination of two different songs I started at different times that I combined into one song to make a whole piece of music,” says the Denver-based producer in a press statement. He continues,

“Sometimes writing music can drain a lot from you mentally; it takes so much out of you to put your mind and art into a DAW and that’s where Zerotonin comes from. That feeling where you think you’ve reached your limit, but you just keep working through it.”


With another cohesive project under his belt, SPADES is proving himself a “jack of all trades.” In a relatively short time, he has emerged onto the bass music scene as someone constantly pushing the boundaries between subgenres—with a result that is usually just as hard-hitting as it is conceptual. Having already garnered releases on SubCarbon and Headbang Society, supplemented by a healthy stream of self-released singles, SPADES is looking to break out in 2022. Indeed, Zerotonin lands ahead of some big collaborative projects coming from SPADES later this year. Stream the four-track EP now.

Spades- Zerotonin EP

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