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Sufflix - Say Goodbye

Masked newcomer Sufflix releases his debut single, ‘Say Goodbye’

Sufflix may be a name unbeknownst to many right now, but this so-called “masked producer” may surely explode onto the dance music scene sooner than one may think. With a technical prowess that pulls on the sonic pallets of everyone from Jauz and DJ Snake to Ray Volpe to marshmello, the young, budding producer now releases his debut single in “Say Goodbye.”

The rave-ready single pairs a professionally produced, densely mixed, and rhythmically bouncy beat with a catchy vocal melody. The track itself has a way of ingraining itself in your head for days on end.

I wanted to put a bit of myself into these mixes,”

says Sufflix on the two-and-a-half-minute cut. 

This is truly reflected in “Say Goodbye” which is demonstrative of the pure passion, heart, and soul Sufflix imparts onto the technicality of the song. With the help of friends Leon, Matt, Freddie, Jack, and Jess, Sufflix has produced this phenomenal entry into the electronic music scene. 

Sufflix began his musical journey at college where he and a few friends began working on projects together. He has always felt a vocation to being a DJ and began producing a few sets for release on YouTube. Only recently has Sufflix begun to consider music production as a viable profession rather than casual past time. Henceforth, he excelled his producing skills to create this debut release from which he aims to steadily build into a full discography… one he hopes will traverse the restrictive boundaries of genre and style.

All good things come one step at a time, so with each passing day, expect to hear exciting new things from the brand new Sufflix project. “Say Goodbye” is only the beginning. Stream Sufflix’s debut release now, below.

SufflixSay Goodbye

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