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Experimental techno duo Flürb explore 8-bit sonics on new four-track EP, ‘Blue M&Ms’

The hit new EP from house/techno duo Flürb, entitled Blue M&Ms, is more than just an inside joke. The EP earned its title from a somewhat ridiculous clause on the artist’s rider that required “only Blue M&M’s in the greenroom” when playing bigger shows. Over time, the joke spouted into this underground club hit and it’s just expanded into a four-tracker.

Characterized by its deep, heavy-hitting kicks and driving synth rhythms plucked straight out of late 80s clubby synth-wave, this four-track offering is reminiscent of Brett Johnson, Kevin Saunderson, Larry Heard, and more. Add in some airy pads and uplifting arps about midway through the track and what listeners are left with is a delicate touch on top of the dense-timbre soundscape. There is a lot more to be unpacked on each of the remixes from producers Lil’ Mark and ac$ with each providing their own fresh “dub” inspired takes on the 7-minute tune. Buried deep in the mixes are plentiful percussion instruments including snaps, claps, wooden chops— all of which come together for an incessantly grooving rhythm.

Meet Flürb, an 8-bit house and techno goblin.

Flürb was born from the minds of Mark L. Bennett and Matt Yankovich who stumbled upon the idea after each DJing across North America in the late 90s and early aughts. Mark began playing the bass guitar in 1987 and, around 1993, started producing experimental techno with early sequencers and a fully analogue studio. Upon moving to Los Angeles in the mid-90s, Mark became part of the Southern California dance collective known as Moontribe. These monthly full moon gatherings played a pivotal role in furthering his love for the underground. Over the years, Mark’s dedication to the underground culminated in the formation of two record labels, along with his career experience in record distribution, promotion, and production. 

Similarly, Matthew Yankovich discovered the magic of house music in the 90s in the Limelight and loft parties in NYC in 1990. When he moved to Portland, he found others with similar House and Techno passions in the Disco Headhunters, a West Coast artist collective who were some of the first to bring techno to Burning Man. Yankovich started DJing in 2001, eventually playing gigs across North America. From 2006 to 2012, he curated and produced After Dark,  a weekly House music night booking headliners from around the world.  He co-owned and operated Groove Suite a nightclub in Portland where Mark and Matt met, beaming immediate friends. The “masters of MIDI” is how they’re known amongst their circles, and their foray into house is something to watch out for.

Blue M&Ms is destined the blow listeners away with its deep, brooding techno sonics and groovey house melodies. Stream the four-track EP below.

FlürbBlue M&Ms EP

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