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Stream Bassnectar’s 6-track ‘Reflective Pt. 2’ EP

All things wild and wonderful come packaged in pairs, or at least that’s a sentiment the Bassnectar community must be feeling as Lorin Ashton unleashes the second installment of his Reflective EP project, out now on Amorphous Records.

Along with Ashton’s previously released singles — “Slather,” “Other Worlds,” and “Psyopia” — comes three new tracks that brings closure to his 2017 musings in the studio as well as paints of picture of what else is to come from his vault. The most magical thing about Bassnectar is Ashton’s uncanny ability to bring everything full circle time and again, from the songs off his albums to moments of his live experiences. His latest Reflective Part 2 EP is no exception, standing as yet another sonic, synchronous, psychedelic journey into the cosmos and back down into the deepest depths of our smallest human parts.

“Disrupt The System,” featuring the vocals of Azeem, is a heavy collaboration with Peekaboo, complete with a furious drum lead-in, subversive lyrics, and an oddly-familiar synth pattern after each drop (one which Ashton has been toying with in his live show). “Pineapple” is another track that has made appearances in Bassnectar’s live sets, providing a masterful take on EPROM‘s hit single

The standout track on the album is “Chromatek,” which arrives as Bassnectar’s third release with G Jones, and delves deep into the ethereal terrain of Ashton’s sonic canvas — with low-frequency bass lines that compete beautifully with it’s shimmering top line elements.