Kansas City-based producer Cody Bones flies under the radar under his APLSOZ moniker, probably because his saucy brand of trap-influenced outer space bass feels a lot like swimming through a celestial chasma. Bones denotes this sound “ultra-captivationism” for how it is a fully immersive, psychedelic, and seductive live experience that consumes all the senses.

Bones’ most recent APLSOZ release, “Blast Off,” sounds a lot like its title, with a heavy sub bass line that keeps listeners grounded and spacey synths that leave them wanting to blast off into other-worldly dimensions. Recently signed to ThazDope Records, APLSOZ is an exciting newcomer in the underground bass music realm that is receiving support from sub.Mission, The Untz, Okeechobee, and Backwoods.


Written by Ryan Morse

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