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REZZ will be stepping back from touring next year and stepping into the studio

Apparently, REZZ is not working hard enough according to her self-imposed standards. Despite her recent monumental musical output — which includes a huge Virtual Self remix and a spine-tingling Isqa-assisted single — Isabelle Rezazadeh is decidedly backing off from touring in 2018.

According to the 22-year-old producer’s Twitter, REZZ will use the first part of the year to hunker down in the laboratory to focus her energies on making new music. She cites that she’s “feeling overwhelmed by all the hectic travel.” REZZ also assures fans that she will making plenty of stops, including her hotly-anticipated debut REZZ Rocks show, choosing to focus on quality over quantity in her appearances; which fans can likely read as more headlining appearances, bigger production, and tons of unreleased gems along the way.