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Culprate surveys new subdued style in new EP, ‘Unity Project, Part 3’

Over the last few months, Culprate has steadily released a series of EPs with a special twist. The UK-based underground dubstep producer took to his Twitch channel, where he routinely discusses music production and tips, to put out the two previous bodies of work that he created alongside members of the online community itself.

Now Culprate has released the third part in his Unity Project EP series, featuring newcomer artists Quok, Aether, Frequent, Protostar, Bloom and Keota & Sophie Meiers, to further highlight the sense of togetherness and creativity on his channel.

In keeping with his artistic message of unity and togetherness, Culprate’s third EP delivers an eclectic package of subdued, expertly-crafted electronic tracks, taking a step away aesthetically from his previous two EPs. The result is a left-field journey through melodic indie-dance, underground dubstep, and changing tempos. Deep, diverse and unabashedly eclectic, Unity Project, Part 3 neatly encapsulates the limitless potential of artistic collaboration and experimental styles.