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Stream Desert Hearts’ cerebral 14-track compilation, ‘Friends and Family, Vol. 2’

Desert Hearts is more than the West Coast’s fastest-growing party squad. What started as a small, renegade gathering in the middle of the Mojave Desert has ballooned into a viral underground movement celebrating the roots of dance music values — positivity, creativity, and acceptance. Founders “Papa” Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion, Deep Jesus, Marbs. and Porkchop have grown these principles into a bona fide festival brand and record label.

Arriving as the imprint’s newest project is a cerebral tech house compilation, titled Family & Friends, Vol. 2, featuring Desert Hearts favorites Justin Jay and The Glitz alongside a brand new cast of rising talent. The collection spans the full sonic spectrum of the Desert Hearts dance floor — house, techno, acid, breaks — alongside the weird and wonderful hysteria conjured within every performance and the belief that the dance party should be a spiritual experience.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2018 than with a massive Family & Friends, Vol. 2 Compilation. From housey day time grooves and tripped out sunrise jams to bangin’ tech house and late night techno, we’re really proud to say there’s something on here for everyone.”

Thematically, the album derives its ethos from the magical, the maniacal, and the assurance that listeners will find themselves becoming lost over to electronic psychedelia. But it also stands on its own as one full-length enterprise, as well as a string of individual tech house singles with their rugged bass lines, steely beats, and mystifying melodic breaks.