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Gary Richards to launch new cruise party, ‘Friend Ship’

During a DJ performance as Destructo at Output in Brooklyn,  Gary Richards announced to a packed crowd that he has begun setting plans into motion for a new cruise ship festival. According to those in attendance, Richards indicated the vessel would be hailed as “Friend Ship.”

No other details were revealed as to when the ship would set officially set sail, but Richards’ recent career shakeup means it will likely fall under the Livestyle events umbrella. The founder and former CEO of HARD Events departed that company after a rumored shakeup with parent company Live Nation last year. Richards has since moved onto greener pastures in his new role as President of the North American brands at Livestyle Entertainment, the resurrected company of formerly bankrupted SFX.

According to attendees, Destructo also played two unreleased singles for his crowd, one featuring Snoop Dogg and another with Busta Rhymes who he brought out as a special guest. Watch the fun via some fan captured footage below.