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Tycho delivers sunrise remix of Portugal. The Man’s ‘Live in the Moment’

Everything Scott Hansen touches likely turns to gold. The Ghostly International signee has a knack for crafting lush, atmospheric landscapes under his Tycho moniker, which combines electronic elements with live instrumentation.

Hansen’s latest endeavor seeks to construct two distinct sonic landscapes out of Atlantic Records rockers Portugal. The Man‘s smash single, “Live in the Moment,” from the Grammy winners’ eighth studio album, WOODSTOCK. In the first of his two releases, dubbed the “Sunrise Remix,” Tycho builds a lighter, more energetic version that showcases the Portland-based group’s originality while bringing their single into his chill-out, ambient domain of electronic. In his second, yet-to-be-released “Sunset Remix,” Tycho plans to take on a darker, more introspective version to contrast the parts of the original song that most inspired him.

“As a producer and musician who primarily creates instrumental songs I jumped at the chance to work with Portugal. The Man’s unique vocal style,” says Scott Hansen to Vents Magazine.

“I try to approach remixes in a way that casts the original song in a new light while staying true to its core elements.  Getting to explore totally different spaces with these two versions, it allowed me to better express my take on the song. ”