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Lane 8 eases listeners into spring with his first mix of 2018

One is bound to find something wonderful in your mid-week work hour musings so long as you let Lane 8 soundtrack your day. The This Never Happened label head has just unleashed the first installment of his 2018 seasonal mixtape series, a regular fixture in his catalog since 2013.

Lane 8’s Spring 2018 Mixtape is the first we’ve seen of Goldstein since the release of his album, Little By Little. Like the seasons his musical mixes come to embody, the tone Goldstein sets here is bright and budding — a stark contrast from his bleak yet beautiful winter mixtape — which the artist uses to construct a landscape for easing his listeners into spring, a time of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings.

Lane 8 uses the two and a half hours to experiment with some of his new album material, which is apparent right off the bat with the slowed tempo of his single “No Captain,” ft. Poliça, before building on his ethereal deep house/electronica stamp with some hopeful atmospheres, winding melodies, and emotional peaks and valleys. 

The great thing about Lane 8 compositions is his ability to fully take the reigns on guiding his listener’s emotions, taking them on a whirlwind ride through the use of changing tempos and carefully executed highs and lows. Goldstein is a conductor of energy, in a sense, if not for his talents in forcing listeners into their deeply introspective, most somber places, before building them back up again, and dropping them off higher than he left them before.