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SoDown unleashes aggressive new anthem, ‘Kill Em’ ft Kyral x Banko

The saxophone playing, bass music producing, adventure fiend from Colorado, SoDown,  is stirring up talk in the electronic music world for his wickedly unique productions that effortlessly blend a range of genres. The man behind the sax, Ehren Wright, has just release a brand new single, “Kill Em,” on which he’s enlisted the help of Denver-based producer duo, Kyral x Banko.

SoDown’s newest single puts Wright’s immense versatility and range on full display. Whereas most of Wright’s past discography begins light-hearted and funky, slowly building to a cleverly deployed — and fearsome — bass drop, “Kill Em” begins with the full force of that same ferocity. Wright utilizes the ominous intros of early US dubstep, complete with dark synths and grimey bass lines, offering a glimpse into the more sinister side of SoDown’s musical package. When Wright introduces deep horns to the mix, the result is a riveting track that sits between heavy head banging music and funky groove appeal.

“Kill em started in a green room at an after party in Denver. Before long it had taken on a life of its own, morphing into an epic full on banger sent from the depths of the earth. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it,” Wright says of the track.

One thing that is the result of SoDown’s uniquely style of bass music and his keen ear for sound design: this is one producer to watch out for over the coming years. With sold out shows in Denver’s most popular venues, to opening at Red Rocks, Wright may be the next big thing to come out of Colorado.

SoDown brings his live show back on March 3, 2018 to headline Denver’s Ogden Theatre with support from Buku, ProbCause, and Homemade Spaceship.