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Mr. Carmack & Jacuzzi appear on the wholly electronic score for comedic play, ‘A Whale Named Dolphin’

When the global dance music industry hit it’s $7.1 billion net worth in 2016 — according to IMS — conversations began over the EDM bubble as well as pop culture’s infiltration of EDM. Fans of electronic music, once considered to be outsiders of the mainstream, started seeing their music in Hollywood film as their favorite EDM producers began working with A-list pop/rock vocalists like Selena Gomez and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

The flexibility of electronic music, however, proved to be great, as the playwright Evan Harris wrote A Whale Named Dolpin and tapped Mr. Carmack and Jacuzzi, among others, to score his comedy stage play, officially ushering EDM into live theater. The two producers are joined by 813, Kero Kero Bonito, Wave Racer, and others for the first play in history to use electronic music. Speaking to his script’s use of the bright, glitchy future bass style that reached peak popularity somewhere in 2014, Evan Harris says he long wanted to adapt dance music to the live stage:

“I wrote this because no one has ever written a play that incorporated music of this kind. Having managed artists like Jacuzzi and Coyote Kisses for years, I wanted to be the first to bring that ‘vapor-kawaii-future-whatever sound’ to the stage. That 2013-2015 music made a big impact on me and this play is kind of a love letter to that era”

A Whale Named Dolphin battles a celebrity chef who has been hired to save a fledgling sushi restaurant with his signature Dolphin Roll. The play is available for purchase in paperback.