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William Black – I Wish (ft. Skylr) [The Remixes]

When William Black released his heart-wrenching future bass ballad, “I Wish,” with the hypnotizing vocals of Chicago singer/songwriter SKYLR, the Hegemon artist began turning industry heads. With elements reminiscent of an early Illenium or Flume product, the single built a euphonious landscape that creatively captured themes of love and loss in supreme eloquence.

With the song’s continually growing success, Black decided to enlist three official remixers to put their own unique visions on the original composition. From the vocal chops and lo-fi textures of Notok’s reimagining, to the colossal breakdowns in Matte & Kuur’s rendition, matched with the synchopated drum work and piano accompaniments of Yetep & Toku’s take, each remix begins subtly so as to respect the vision of it’s original and, from there, embarks on its own singular journey through the sonic elements.