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PEEKABOO releases debut ‘Imposters’ EP on Wakaan [STREAM]

PEEKABOO may have just launched his music career one year ago, but his space-laced beats commanded attention from bass fans and artists immediately. The Detroit-based producer has already garnered support from the likes of REZZRL Grime, Bassnectar, Dubloadz, and Caspa. He’s also managed to catch the eye of label boss Liquid Stranger, who now welcomes PEEKABOO’s debut EP, Imposters, out now on WAKAAN.

Imposters is already a firm favorite for artists rinsing the festival circuit this year — and for very good reason. The producer introduces an entirely new take on the experimental bass genre, layering warped bass lines and eerie sonics upon a deliciously left field landscape. The end result is an otherworldly masterpiece, as PEEKABOO paves a clear path to the bleak realm of space bass with 4 new tracks: “Aliens,” “Arrival,” “Invasion,” and title track, “Imposters.” Heading into 2018 as one of bass music’s must-see rising acts, PEEKABOO continues to demonstrate his sound design prowess and left-field musicality with his debut EP.