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Stream Alison Wonderland’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, ‘AWAKE’

Alison Wonderland has proven that there’s no such thing as the “sophomore slump.” All surfing puns aside, the self-made Aussie producer has been riding a wave of success since she first blasted into the international dance music scene back in 2014. She hasn’t come up for air since. As a vocal spokesperson for mental health, sexual assault, and female empowerment, Wonderland actually became the highest paid female DJ in Coachella’s history. Her rabid fanbase, mixed with her raw honesty and emotionality, is what makes her musical career so robust and her musical stamp so real.

In AWAKE, Alison Wonderland strips down to the bone and takes huge creative liberties and risks — after all, there is no reward without risk. She is even features herself as the spotlight vocalist on tracks, “Here For You” and “Sometimes Love.” Taking on topics like self-hate, regret, and death — and all-the-while creating tracks that portray strength, honesty, empowerment, and happiness — the entire theme of Wonderland’s LP boils down to this: You cannot reach the light until you’ve truly sat with your darkness.

Released on AstralwerksAWAKE draws from a talented pool of collaborators as well — everyone from rappers to Grammy-award winning songwriters — each adding their own layers onto her sophomore album’s 14 original tracks. The LP exposes the Alison Wonderland’s ability to create dynamically beautiful sounds and bundle each track into an overarching personal story that offers a deeper glimpse into different parts of her soul.