MUST WATCH: Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo release second single as power-pop trio LSD, ‘Audio’

Newly-minted supergroup LSD, formed as a joint effort from LabrinthSia, and Diplo, have just released another captivating composition that comes as the trip-pop trio’s second-ever single. The track, dubbed “Audio,” is a chill ballad preaching the power of music. Sia’s bubbling harmonic vocals take center stage the track with the repetitive chorus, “We can’t live on without the rhythm.” The music video offers psychedelic animations intertwined with real life city landscapes, with Labrinth walking and breaking dancing down a Hollywood street and Diplo cruising down an iconic Los Angeles riverbed.

“Audio” comes as LSD’s follow-up single to “Genius.”


Written by Ryan Morse

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