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The Glitch Mob team up with Strangeloop to release ‘See Without Eyes’ visual album accompaniment

The Glitch Mob‘s third studio album, See Without Eyes, received no shortage of critical praise over the past week. Now the gritty bass music trio have just unearthed an out-of-this-world visual accompaniment designed to take viewers/listeners on a fully immersive journey through the album’s 11 tracks — all built in a 3D, Virtual Reality environment.

The creative mind behind the mesmerizing array of visual stimuli is none other than famed production company, Strangeloop Studios, headed up by LA-based A/V artist, Strangeloop, whose worked alongside with Pharrell, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and some of the biggest names in the industry. The group says they gave Strangeloop gave them a copy of their album, along with the full creative license to build his reactions in visual form whilst listening to the album.

Each individual music video is jam-packed with psychedelic visuals, which storyboard together to paint a larger picture for the album, allowing viewers to journey into the future. All 11 tracks on the album take a different shape, each telling their own highly-interpretative stories, but the recurrent theme of self-discovery on the album is also apparent throughout the videos.

In addition to the visual album accompaniment, The Glitch Mob have just embarked on their world tour with their revamped live setup, Blade 2.0, powered by Dell. The tour kicked off in Edmonton, CA and will run until the end of the summer, with notable stops at Lightning In A BottleGovernors BallBonnarooElectric Forest, and Shambhala along the way.

The Strangeloop-produced video component will also be featured on tour in the form of a unique, immersive VR machine for people to experience in the lobbies at their shows.