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Avicii rep debunks rumors of late artist’s posthumous album

Recent reports of an impending Avicii posthumous album have been debunked by the Swedish superstar’s camp.

Avicii’s public relations representative, Diana Baron, says reports from Swedish publication Aftonbladet have been wrongly translated and widely circulated by English-language media outlets. “Tim had been working on new material and had posted 9ish photos and Instagram stories about his sessions this year,” Baron says. “As of this moment, these stories about a scheduled release are just rumors coming from hopeful fans who loved Tim and his music.”

While the issue was mostly lost in translation, confusion over the release may have stemmed in part from a Variety interview with Geffen Records’ executive Neil Jacobson, who referred to Avicii’s newest album as “his best music in years.”

Via: Billboard

Featured photo: Getty