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What’s with this mysterious video Daft Punk posted to their YouTube page? [UPDATED]

Daft Punk is busy making their usual run of cryptic moves — and hopefully their most recent mysterious YouTube upload is no isolated incident. The dance music icons have seemingly just released a track or teaser to all 2.7 million of their listeners

The track appears to come as a brand new Daft Punk and Floatgoat release insofar as it was uploaded on Daft Punk’s YouTube channel. At the same time, the video could also be an auto-generated music video by CDBaby, in which case the track may just be a cover of Daft Punk’s “Voyager.” According to Google, YouTube creates “auto-generated channels” via algorithms in order to “collect trending and popular videos by topic” and “allow musicians to monetize their songs.”

CE has reached out to CDBaby — the independent music store tied to Voyager’s online release on May 24 — for comment on the video upload.

UPDATE: May 26, 2018, 10:52AM: A CD BABY representative has clarified that the track “is not an official [Daft Punk] release, for some reason it appears as part of their channel but it’s got nothing to do with them. This is a cover by a CD BABY artist.”