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G Jones releases iconic new bass single, ‘UNDERSTANDING THE POSSBILITY’

Greg Jones has long been keen on foregoing the commercial spotlight in order to stay in the underground. That underground locale for the hard-hitting experimental bass music producer has earned him collaborations with The WiddlerBassnectarBleep Bloop, DJ Shadow, and EPROM, to name a few. Dubbed a “mad scientist in his own right” by friend and close confidant Lorin Ashton, the grand-all catch-22 for the Bay Area producer is this: the harder Jones strives toward his experimental, underground direction, the more prominently he rises into the public eye.

Now G JONES has officially given his fans one of the many unreleased songs he has been teasing in his sets for some time. Dubbed “UNDERSTANDING THE POSSIBILITY,” the track comes as a rich and jolty bass music experiment, equipped with millennial sound samples and hardy synth work — all the while retaining it’s beautiful and supremely layered elements. The single is a signal of what is yet to come from the bass music producer, which, by rumors amongst his fan base, is a full-length studio album in the unforeseeable future.