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Watch Eric Prydz deliver a brilliant 2-hour set at Tomorrowland 2018

Any Prydz hardcore would argue there’s no one else in the industry who crafts a more visually provocative, technologically groundbreaking, and wholly immersive music experience. The progressive beat maker has become a pioneer of pushing the boundaries of not only sound, but of sight as well. Just look to his recent 3-dimensional visual HOLO display, featured as apart of his EPIC 5.0 tour.

Perhaps that’s why Prydz fans travel tooth and nail to experience his transcendent, immersive, and reality-altering sets. For those who aren’t able to travel all over the world for Prydz’s creative ventures into bending time and space and “the real,” rest easy! Coming off a truly stunning performance at Tomorrowland‘s Atmosphere tent stage, the Swed producer is featured on a rare recorded performance for fans to witness the majesty and height of Prydz. Long time fans of Prydz know that these recordings only come around every so often, since he isn’t particularly keen on simulated, re-constructed experiences of his live music.

Watch Eric Prydz’s full 2-hour set form Tomorrowland 2018, featuring music from all four of his musical aliases, including Pryda, Cirez D, and Tonja Homla.

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