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Jade Cicada gets experimental in newest 4-track EP, ‘Fish Juice’

Jade Cicada, real name Skyler Golden, is one producer whose been on everyone’s lips in the world of underground bass. The free form bass producer has only been releasing music for a few years now, beginning with his Eolian Oms EP, which was self-released in 2016. The promising young talent now delivers a third EP in two years.

He’s calling the 4-track project Fish Juice. The EP defies convention with it’s construction, utilizing break beats, lo-fi synth work, and top-notch sub bass. Take the EP’s second track, “Dusty Lungs,” which features fellow Denver-resident and Pretty Light Band member Chris Karns. On the track, Cicada and Karns have mastered the art of scratching and building budding tension to create a Tipper-esque composition with groove appeal. It’s only a matter of time before Cicada gets signed to a label; to be honest, it’s surprising he hasn’t been snatched up yet.