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GRiZ releases another poignant spoken word performance, ‘No Signal’ [WATCH]

GRiZ has blacked out his social media for months now, but the saxophone wielding Future Funk pioneer returned to his Facebook recently with a rather cryptic message reading, “incoming transmission.” Grant Kwiecinski, the man behind the music, has been keen on this sort of online ambiguity as of late. To stay in the loop, fans must connect the dots and stay tuned to his obscure viral marketing tactics — and, boy oh boy, do they ever hold on to his every move.

Immediately, fans began speculating over what the message meant: Was new music on its way? Was there a big announcement in store? Now GRiZ has put those questions to bed with his release of a second spoken word poem, titled “No Signal,” along with a masterfully produced avante garde video accompaniment.

This new video traces GRiZ’s absence from the internet this year, which listener’s can ascertain from his opening line, “I almost forgot what it felt like to be alone.” 

As Kwiecinski paces around a forest setting, against a backdrop of vintage TVs and computer screens, Colorado pines, and the Rocky Mountains, he lays out an honest poetic account over how the digital world was consuming him.

“I replaced the spiritual with the digital / looking down became my new ritual / well, it’s no wonder it’s so hard to keep my head up.”

GRiZ powerful words are laid out over a light-hearted, mellowed piano accompaniment from Break Science & Pretty Lights Live Band’s Borahm Lee.

“Now what I’m lacking is human interaction / so instead of acting out of satisfaction / I wanna cultivate a community of people thinking free.”

The poem itself, which comes as his second official spoken word production, seems like a call to action for his fans to embrace the real and live in the moment, leaving the hyper-simulated world of social media behind.

Written by Grant Kwiecinski
Piano by Borahm Lee
Directed by Grant Kwiecinski, Jason Siegel, Laine Kelly
Cinematography by Laine Kelly, Ryan Berena

H/T: ThisSongIsSick