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Mura Masa & Skrillex have co-written an infectious track, ‘Complicated’

When Alex Crossan discovered Abelton Live at the age of 16, he has no idea at the time that he would one day be collaborating with industry legend Skrillex. One debut album, one collab with A$AP Rocky, and one Coachella debut later, Crossan has cemented a pop-electronic crossover career under his Mura Masa moniker.

Dubbed “Complicated,” the track is poised for radio success with it’s blend of bongo beats and subtle guitar riffs, it’s bouncy bass line, it’s future/tropical appeal, and blissful, carefree melodies care of Nao. The track was co-written and co-produced by Skrillex, who we haven’t heard or seen too much of recently — most likely due to the dubstep pioneer’s recent turn back into his old band, From First to Last. Skrillex’s influence is unmistakable in the track’s reggae-inspired bass line and crisp vocal chops that have been used so frequently by the OWSLA head honcho as of late.