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Facebook & Instagram now shows users how much time they spend on apps

Just when one thought they’d spent too much time on social media, Facebook and Instagram have announced a new feature that could make or break your usage habits. The partnered platforms, which merged in 2012 upon Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of the photo sharing app, have launched the digital well-being and screen-time management dashboards.

Facebook and Instagram are now tracking personal, down-to-the-minute counts of time users spend in each app by the day, by the week, and an overall average amount of time spent online. The goal, they say, is for users to better track they’re online habits. Users can be extremely vigilant of usage patterns setting alerts as well.

However, there is an obvious business incentive for the online behemoths to track our online behavioral patterns. Whatever the case, the new feature does give consumers a way to better way to become more conscious of time wasted on social media; and the benefits, which include better mental health and well being, could be astounding!

Here’s how to access the new feature:

Settings > Your Time On Facebook and Instagram’s Settings > Your Activity. 

Time Spent On Facebook and Instagram

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Daily Reminders

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H/T: YourEDM, Via: TechCrunch