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Watch Ekali debut his heavy 1788-L collaboration at HARD Summer

After announcing over Twitter that he would debut his collaboration with 1788-L at HARD Summer, Vancouver-based producer Ekali delivered on his promise when he played out the much-anticipated ID on the festival’s Green Stage. Thanks to one camera-ready fan, the heavy unreleased collaboration is now available to the masses.

The track gleans heavily toward trap before dropping into a glitchy terrain that has thus-far marked 1788-L’s definitive style. The track has no need for rhythmic beats either, for it packs a powerful punch in it’s gritty bass lines, abrasive stabbing synths, and experimental appeal.

While Ekali did not offer an official release date, the single may just be included as apart of 1788-L’s debut EP, which is currently in the works and set for TBA release on Deadbeats Records. The two producers are also heading out on Ekali’s “Crystal Eyes” tour soon, so attendees can expect to see the pair performing the track together live and often.

Ekali x 1788-L Collab from Seanchalant on Vimeo.
H/T: Your EDM