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Ekali comes out as bisexual on Twitter

Ekali is the vocal advocate that the music industry needs. The outspoken producer has become known for speaking up on issues of mental health over his Twitter, specifically in the case of his own personal diagnoses as well as industry pressures on artists.

Now, on the brink of his upcoming EP, the producer has set the record straight over a few personal matters having to do with the related issues of his music and identity. Yesterday, the producer became triggered with certain fans’ homophobic comments over his music, telling them his “music was not for them” and to collectively and “kindly fuck off.”

Here, here.

He then followed up with a tweet revealing he is a bi-sexual and suggested that fans should “stop leaving hateful gay rhetoric” on his content. The series of tweets garnered much attention, with the likes of Alison Wonderland, Chet Porter, Y2k, and Hotel Garuda responding with compassionate messages of support.

H/T: EDM.com