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Lane 8 returns to Anjuna for two remixes of George FitzGerald’s ‘Burns’

When Lane 8 makes even a small move, people seem to pay attention. The Little by Little producer has returned to the label that discovered his vibrant chill house sound to release not one but two remixes of George FitzGerald’s “Burns,” on Anjuna, The San Fransisco-based producer has crafted two distinctly different (and equally stellar) takes on the 2017 anthem, one for each mood: a Club mix and a Morning mix.

The Morning Mix is an ode to the original track’s lush atmosphere, an immersive musical element which Fitzgerald seems to run with on his sophomore album, All That Must Be. Keeping the original’s mesmerizing vocal chops front and center, Goldstein blends tranquil piano arpeggios and stuttering synth stabs to create a pensive soundscape imbued with melancholy.

The Club Mix is a showcase of Lane 8’s trademark sound. Detuned chords, void-like atmospheres, and a thumping four-to-the-floor kick drum combine to create a fierce peak-time soundtrack.

Feature photo: Daniel Goldstein/Twitter