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Disclosure close out the week with a fifth track, ‘Where You Come From’

Disclosure have been a busy pair of bees this week with a string of released that have the dance music world buzzing over speculation of a new album. To cap it all off, the pair have shared a final single (for now), marking their fifth gift to fans in the span of a week. Titled “Where You Come From,” the track is a groove-worthy house composition with a heavy tribal vibe: characterized by washboard synth patterns, bongo beats, and vocal samples of Sudanese artist, Kamal Keila.

The release follows “Moonlight,” “Where Angels Fear To Tread,” “Love Can Be So Hard,” and “Funky Sensation,” respectively. Taken together, the five releases have catapulted the UK house pioneers back into the spotlight with their unique explorations into jazz, classical, disco, funk, and, now, tribal. The Lawrence brothers revealed details of the track over their Twitter page,

Okay world, this is it, last track.. for now! This one samples Sudanese artist Kamal Keila and a couple other loops from the incredible record label, Habibi Funk. Happy Friday everyone!

Still no news of an album, although at this point one seems imminent.