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Disclosure taps into the past with third release in three days, ‘Love Can Be So Hard’

Disclosure are bringing new meaning to the term “throwback” in their recent string of rapid fire releases. On Monday, the UK brotherly duo brought fans “Moonlight,” an ode to the 1950s classical compositions of violinist Victor Young. Then came “Where Angels Fear to Tread” on Tuesday, which took it’s inspiration from a 1940s harmonic barbershop jazz quartet. Now, less than 72 hours later, the Lawrence brothers are nodding to the eighties in a low-fidelity danceable track, dubbed “Love Can Be So Hard.”

Premiered by BBC Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Target, “Love Can Be So Hard” is pure nouveau house with an eighties pop sensibility. The track sounds like it was taken smack dab out of the decade’s most popular Madonna track, with retro 1980s synths, vocal chops on the melody, and seductively smooth beats.

“We’re taking you on a throwback 80’s vibe with this one… inspired by our love of 80’s pop artists like Alexander O’Neil and Luther Vandross, we chopped and flipped this old classic by Princess on its head!” – Disclosure

Disclosure has not yet released any official word on an upcoming album, but with the rate at which they are releasing new music, a larger project is surely somewhere on the near horizon. And if the sheer musicality and range of their three newest releases are any indication of what’s to come, a third project of audacious throwbacks would certainly be a welcomed departure from their pop-driven sophomore album Caracal.