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BREAKING: Bassnectar’s NYE 360 location and line-up support details leaked by poster artist [UPDATED]

Ever since Lorin Ashton confirmed the return of 360 via his Twitter page, bassheads have been clamoring for months over the details and location of Bassnectar‘s annual New Year’s Eve gathering. Now, thanks to the faltered move of a prestigious artist in the community, fans can officially begin booking their travel arrangements to Greensboro, North Carolina for the immersive throw down.

Perhaps through no fault of his own, artist Chris Dyer put the internet in a tizzy today when he posted a sketch of his Bassnectar NYE 360 print to his Instagram story. According to the picture, it looks like official support will come from Manic Focus, EPROM, and G Jones b2b ???

Clearly, the event is still in it’s booking phase; so Dyer’s leaked post (which comes c/o Festive Owl) was a complete lack of foresight. Whether the act was intentional is unknown. Either way, Bassnectar himself is not happy. On the evening of his BassCenter XI event in Hampton, the artist took to the Twitter thread to express his discontent.

Several people have since come forth to raise their voices that the act may have been accidental, to which Bassnectar responded with even more outrage, calling the move “unprofessional.” Bassnectar has since deleted his responses.

H/T: Festive Owl/Twitter

UPDATE [Mon, Sept 3, 6:45pm CT]: Chris Dyer has issued a public apology, explaining that the communication error happened between himself and the Bassnectar team, whom failed to issue him a “non-disclosure contract,” or even tell him informally to keep the line-up to himself.

“I have never been asked to keep a lineup or location secret,” said Dyer over his Instagram. “Since the manager didn’t ask me that neither, I obliviously shared my sketch. It was done with no malice, or as a leak to harm them, I just didn’t know about their announcement plots, stuff I don’t pay attention to in my busy life.”