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Hannah Wants goes public about her 18-month fight with breast cancer

The tolls of the music industry — both mental and physical — have been under the spotlight this past year. In late April, when Avicii took his own life, countless artists have come forth to reveal their own personal struggles with demanding touring schedules, drug addition, and consumer hate. The most recent producer to step into the limelight is Hannah Wants, who took to her Instagram to reveal the details on her life-changing bout with cancer.

“If there was any type of person who epitomized the ‘It’ll never happen to me’ attitude it was me,” Wants told fans in a lengthy statement on the day that marked exactly 18 months since learned of her diagnosis. “Rarely ill, strong minded, positive, never smoked, not overweight, fit and healthy (or so I thought). Too busy living my dream that never once did I stop to reflect on my reality.”

Wants, who was diagnosed with cancer while on the Cardiff leg of her UK tour, recounts the details of her demanding touring lifestyle and how industry pressure had a heavy impact on her diagnosis. But, for Wants, her bout with cancer runs much deeper than her physical diagnosis, or even the mental strain she endured from pressures of the industry. It’s spiritual. In hindsight, she realized she had been chronically stressed for years and she believes the pressure she was putting on her own shoulders was affecting her on a deeply “cellular level.”

Wants realized that her body, mind, and soul were all out of alignment. Now she takes a much more holistic approach to her life in all regards. Armed with this new take on her personal and professional life, Wants’ bout with breast cancer ended up being a truly transformative process for the UK house producer. Wants has learned to balance her life by minimizing her touring schedule and maintaining a spiritual outlook in all aspects of her life, she says.

Read Hannah Wants’ full statement below.

H/T: MixMag