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David Guetta confirms Jack Back alias, releases underground house mixtape

With his upcoming artist album out this Friday, Guetta has released another long form project in the Jack Back Mixtape.

Back in 2012, a mysterious artist by the name of Jack Back was launched to notoriety with the release of the budding tech house single, “Wild One Two,” featuring David Guetta, Sia, and Nicky Romero. Listeners immediately suspected a seasoned producer was behind the now multi-platinum track. All fingers pointed to Guetta himself, who never confirmed whether he was indeed the man behind the music — that is, until now.

David Guetta has finally come clean that he has been the face behind the Jack Back moniker all along. Although Guetta is best known for his international dance/pop crossover hits like “Titanium” with Sia, he recently revealed that actually got started in the French house/tech underground. The reveal comes paired with a 12-track mixtape that will serve as the second component to his forthcoming studio album, 7.

For Guetta, the two side-by-side projects bring his career full circle — from his underground days of aught to his now international commercial success.