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Bro Safari and UFO! unveil Part 2 of their Clockwork album

Bro Safari and UFO! are wetting their fan’s pallet little by little. After unveiling the first part of their joint-album, Clockwork, the pair reveal the next piece of their intergalactic puzzle with Clockwork (Pt. 2). The LP’s next chapter takes listeners on an otherworldly exploration of time and space dimensions. With two new track additions, the artists themselves embark on a sonic journey into the new and unexplored terrain of experimental bass.

Clockwork (Pt. 2) takes off with “ET Finger,” inviting fans to step into their mind with alienated vocals and glitchy bass sounds. The track is loaded with spiriling synths and shadowy loops, perfectly demonstrating the two powerhouse producers new style.

Next up is “WAMF,” a heavy experimental bass track that begins with a buildup of dark sounds, leading into an intense drop filled with hard-hitting bass synths and spacey melodies.

The dynamic range of the tracks abduct listeners and take them deep into the realms of the galaxy, giving them a final taste of what is to come on the final portion of the Clockwork album, which sees it’s full release on on September 21.