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REZZ tweets she’s going to collaborate with Bassnectar, Bassnectar confirms [UPDATED]

REZZ sent the internet into a complete tizzy last night over Twitter when she announced to loyal fan following that she “gunna collab on a track w bassnectar.” The tweet immediately went viral.

On the whole, fans were overwhelmed with excitement over the possibility. However, a few in her cult fan following began to question whether Bassnectar‘s loyal legion of (sometimes outspoken) bass heads would even be receptive to a possible collaboration. To which Space Mom — as she is so endearingly nicknamed by her fans — responded that the few elitists in the Bassnectar family were just a loud minority, outspoken minority.

REZZ has long been a fan of Bassnectar, more often than not playing out his music in her own live sets.

REZZ previously opened for Bassnectar at his Spring Gathering event in Chicago, where she admitted to feeling intimated by his fanbase — but not because they were rude or unrelenting, but because she admires the passion in the community he’s built over the years. It’s clear she’s modeling her own Space Fam after Bassnectar’s own community enterprise.

No word on whether REZZ was just crowd-sourcing her fanbase or making an actual informal announcement that a collaborative effort is in the works. After all, fans are still waiting on her collaboration with deadmau5, which has been confirmed.

We suspect, however, that REZZ was putting her desire to work with the “King of Sound” out into the universe. REZZ herself seems to hold tried and true to the practice of manifesting her words into reality. A response from Bassnectar has yet to surface; but given how he is very outspoken on Twitter, one seems very likely.

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UPDATE: [Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 3:38pm CT]: Bassnectar has responded to REZZ’s viral tweet that a “collab is long overdue.” Fans can only hope the collaboration may come on Bassnectar’s Reflective (Part 4) EP.