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It’s official: REZZ & deadmau5 are working on a mau5trap collaboration

It seems REZZ cannot tweet anything without it becoming headlining news these days. Recently, the mau5trap favorite took to Twitter to address how she chooses her collaborative projects not based on how popular an artist is, but on the music and the process.

A fan immediately responded, “Ok but collab with @deadmau5.”

REZZ then responded with a fews words that will go down in infamy: “That will happen.”

The mau5trap don and his star-signee certainly have ideas in the works, but here’s why a potential collaboration may take a little longer than expected:

Now, Joel Zimmerman has confirmed the collaboration is officially underway — or at least in it’s beginning stages. Taking to his Twitter, deadmau5 shared a screenshot of their private conversation over the platform where REZZ begins throwing out some initial creative hurdles.

REZZ revealed that she has never actually started on a track with someone before, but that it would be cool to mess around in his studio sometime. Deadmau5 then responded that he would begin laying down the track’s skeleton.