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Bassnectar responds to artist apology over NYE360 leak

Over the weekend, renowned artist Chris Dyer leaked pertinent details over Bassnectar’s unannounced NYE 360 event, including the event’s location and a few of the headliners. The leak went viral on the evening of Bassnectar’s eleventh annual Basscenter event, but that didn’t stop the bass music producer from expressing his disdain over Twitter. What disappointed Bassnectar most, and by proxy his rabid fanbase, was how hard his team works to keep certain event details under wrap, only slowly revealing clues to keep fans guessing.

Alas, the move was completely unintentional. Dyer has since come out to issue the Bassnectar camp a courteous — although half-hearted — apology. Now Bassnectar has responded to the public apology, explaining that his anger was a knee-jerk response in the heat of the moment. “My gut reaction was a petty outburst of frustration,” Bassnectar explained. “It was honestly the nicest thing I could have said to him in that moment of being gutted.”

Still, Bassnectar’s response signaled no remorse over his desire to publicly lambast the artist over his lack of professionalism and further insult his art, which was a rough first draft at best. Dyer has since been released from his commission to design the official NYE360 print. The two artists, who met at a small 200-person show over a decade ago, considered each other friends.