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ODESZA’s long-awaited single ‘Loyal’ sees worldwide release on Apple Beats 1

The one year mark has come on the release of ODESZA‘s third studio album, A Moment Apart. The Seattle-based duo has been extremely busy on their album-accompanying world tour by the same name, selling out arenas all over the continent. While out on the road, the guys have been dropping a massively popular trap ID that became a quick fan favorite amongst their die-hard following. But Clay and Harrison have been reluctant to release the tune to the public, perhaps trying to keep it as a special treat for fans who loyally attend their shows.

That track-ID received it’s title last week: “Loyal,” a title which comes with all the allegorical underpinnings of having been named for ODESZA’s die-hard fanbase. Today, September 12, ODESZA premiered the single widely on Apple Music‘s Beats 1. Characterized by a full drum lead-in, tribal vocal samples, glittering synths, and robust horns, “Loyal” utilizes every elemental quality that listeners have come to love about ODESZA’s sound — with the inclusion of massive trap-styled drop tuned to the style of something RL Grime would release.

The Seattle-based duo has a penchant for releasing new material during the month of September, with their In Return and Summer’s Gone LPs arriving the same month, although years apart. That is not to say that ODESZA is on the verge of some surprise album release. As far as they’re next album goes, the duo revealed they’d like to take time away from touring to venture into a completely new stylistic territory. Wherever that road may lead, a new full-length album cannot come soon enough; at least amongst the loyal die-hards. However, all good things come to those who wait.