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Space Jesus is the latest to remix Snails & Big Gigantic’s ‘Feel The Vibe’

The remixes of Snails’ debut album continue to pour in at an astronomical rate with heavy flips coming from the biggest names in bass music. Everyone from FuntCase and Virtual Riot to Megladon, Kill the Noise, and Svdden Death has put their own imaginative spin on the Montreal Vomitstep pioneer’s critical debut album.

The latest producer to take a stab at the sludgey sounds of Snails’ The Shell is none other than WAKAAN’s very own Space Jesus. The remix of Snails and Big Gigantic’s “Feel the Vibe” is a shattering take on the cross-genre dance track. While the original track transitions back and forth between high-energy horns and aggressive synths, Space Jesus turns the track into lo-fi overdrive with low-tempo drops and gritty, robotic progressions that will have listeners moving in half-time. After all, it’s what Space Jesus’ sound has become synonymous for.