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Bro Safari & UFO! roll out their full length project, ‘Clockwork’

When Bro Safari and UFO! first paired up on Animal back in 2013, the result was a surging 10-track trap album released right as the genre was coursing it’s meteoric rise. Now, the producer team is hopping on an experimental bass music vessel with the final piece in their Clockwork album, which dons three final track offerings that continue to piecemeal their outer worldly explorations into new dimensions of bass.

Having previously released five tracks off the album already, including the tribal psybass leading track, N.U.M.B., along with a full on swath of heavy break beat compositions, Clockwork is now joined by three atmospheric tracks to bring the 8-track project full circle in terms of it’s diversity.

From the intergalactic rhythms of “Osangala” to the booming bass and relaxed tempos of “Mortar” to the sci-fi inspired samples and bright basslines “Clockwork,” the full EP stands as a conceptual listening journey that delves into new sonic landscapes for the two producers. The result is nothing short of otherworldly, heavy perfection.

Bro Safari and UFO! will be unveiling their new approach to bass music with a tour, set to hit intimate clubs across North America this fall. Stay tuned for dates.