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Bro Safari and UFO! team up on new single, ‘N.U.M.B’

Bro Safari and UFO! are no strangers to working together. The two producers have been steadily opening up the worlds of jungle, dubstep, and trap for years now. With drum n’ bass at the core of their roots, along with countless collaborative remixed and original tracks already under their belt, the producers are back in action with a new single, “N.U.M.B.”

On track — as with the forthcoming album — fans will immediately notice a strange departure from the artist’s signature styles as they venture into the weird and wonderful terrain of experimental, otherworldly bass. “N.U.M.B.” begins with an eerie buildup that leads into a rattling, psychedelic breakdown, complete with swirling, seismic drops, animalistic sounds, and tribal break beat rhythms along the way.

Set for a three part release in discrete segments over the next few weeks, Clockwork promises to be a conceptual listening journey that connects the constellation dots between experimental bass and other left-field sounds. It’s a sonic journey through the artist’s current personal musical influences with a splash of science fiction and space exploration.   

Bro Safari and UFO! will be unveiling their new, innovative foray into experimental bass with an accompanying tour, set to hit intimate clubs across North America this fall.