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Liquid Stranger unleashes ‘Gunslinger’ ahead of upcoming EP on Wakaan

Hailed as the pioneer of free form bass, Swedish beatmaker Liquid Stranger’s unique sound has become known for channeling the weird, the wonderful, and the truly boundless. Equipped with a keen vision on experimental bass, he’s earned the title thanks to his ability to not only push the boundaries of electronic music, but transform them entirely.

Perhaps that is why the man behind the murky moniker, Martin Staaf, and his WAKAAN imprint stand at the very forefront of electronic innovation, often attracting bass music artists who’re fully willing to embark on a journey of boundless discovery amongst the murky shrouds of experimental bass. Treating fans to his newest free form composition that pushes on wizardry, Liquid Stranger now releases “Gunslinger,” featuring Pistol, out now on WAKAAN.

The track showcases a keen attention to detail, and yet an extraordinarily effortless sound design in it’s hefty drum hits and shuddering, club-ready basslines. Therein lies the certain kind of rapture that makes Staff’s music so captivating, each and every time. If “Gunslinger” is any indication of what to expect from Liquid Stranger’s forthcoming EP, which is being primed for a September release, then the project is surely going to be an innovative weapon in terms pushing the boundaries of bass music further.

Stay tuned to all things Wakaan as Liquid Stranger moves towards a full EP for the fall, plus an even bigger release which marks his largest body of work to date.