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Bassnectar delivers long-awaited Tom Morello collaboration, ‘Rabbit’s Revenge’ (ft. Killer Mike & Big Boi)

It’s no secret that Bassnectar is a huge fan of Rage Against the Machine. As a kid of the metal scene, Bassnectar now regularly features the band’s hardcore anthems in his live sets with their extreme political overtones; the most popular of which is his bass-bolstered remix of RAM’s 1992 anthem “Killing In The Name,” which the band crafted in response to the LAPD’s beating of Rodney King the previous year.

Now RAM guitarist, Tom Morello, has released the latest single off his forthcoming album, The Atlas Underground. The track, entitled “Rabbit’s Revenge,” enlists the help of BassnectarKiller Mike, and Big Boi. Complete with electrifying guitar riffs at the outset, to lyrics so poignant and political they may as well be from a RAM track lost somewhere on the cutting room floor, the song features a heavy Bassnectar influence in it’s sound design. Not surprising either, since the SF-based producer’s style is so heavily influenced by the metal core sound of the nineties.

The song’s poignancy comes from it’s political motives, with lyrics that directly address the ongoing issue of police brutality and everyday structural racism in America. “Rabbit’s Revenge” and its troop of politically-outspoken creators follow a towering list of artists throughout history who have used their music platform to take ethical stances on societal issues of the day, beginning with The Beatles.

The Atlas Underground is due out October 12