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Relive Pretty Lights Live’s 10 year anniversary celebration at Red Rocks

What could be better than a Pretty Lights Live live stream? Well being there live and in-person, of course! But the team behind Derek Vincent Smith’s shows, ever since he began his episodic touring adventures two years ago, continually delivers top-notch video feeds with behind-the-scenes shots, go-pro angles of each musician, and impressive panoramas of the crowd. If only every artist would commit to this level of streaming quality production.

For Smith, the driving force of the Pretty Lights Band, it’s been rumored that he’s been locked up in the studio working hard on a new album. However, that didn’t stop him from coming out of the woodworks (or, in this case, the red rocks) to deliver his only performance of 2018, which came in the form of a spectacular 10-year anniversary celebration in Morrison, Colorado this past weekend, August 10-11, 2018.

Equipped with two 2-and-a-half-hour live sets, Smith was joined on-stage by bandmates Borahm Lee, Alvin Ford Jr., Chris Karns, and Brandon Butler to play plenty of PL classics.

Not to mention, some mind-bending visual production from Lazer Shark, which included combined stage designs from his past tours for an immersive amalgamation of stunning LEDs, laser walls, and rainbows and waterfalls.

Day One

Day Two

Featured Photo: aLive Coverage