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GRiZ shares more cryptic updates regarding new album release: ‘Everything will make sense in time’

Since blacking out his social media accounts months ago, it’s been rather difficult to know what GRiZ has been up to musically — unless one attends one of his live sets, that is. That’s probably what the 28-year-old producer wants things too.

He’s been operating cryptically on the release of his next album, as well as working on a new spoken word side project, which he uses to keep fans hanging onto his every move, while assuring them that it “will explain …nothing, so… enjoy it lol.” Still, GRiZ fans are reeling with anticipation over the news of his next album, whose release date has been kept incredibly under wraps.

GRiZ most recently took his one of his Facebook fan pages to update them on his progress. “Everything will make sense in time,” says the saxophone-welding future funk producer. “Things are starting to take shape.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.35.53 PM

Now, GRiZ has dropped another major clue as to the what in the hell is “starting to take shape.” It’s a new album, of course.

GRiZ took to Instagram to post a (since deleted) image of a whiteboard which not only confirms he’s been working on a new LP, but also lists the album’s 16 tracks. The project is tentatively titled Infinite or We Are Infinite, and there’s already a total of ten completed tracks (which are marked by a circle around each title).

The most fascinating piece of evidence — or at least what fans are most squeamish over — is the album’s release date. The whiteboard (pictured below) shows that GriZ was aiming for a July 24 release, but an August release is the new goal. So it seems he is aiming to release the album sometime this month.