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Mersiv "Get to You" Remix

Mersiv releases stunning remix of Supertask and Saint Sinner’s ‘Get to You’

On New Year’s Eve, Mersiv reminded his fans that despite the past year’s challenges and strife, good music always has the power to bring bliss to the surface. Even in the darkest hour, music has the ephemeral power to transcend time and traverse one’s place and circumstance. Mersiv’s newest undertaking of Supertask and Saint Sinner‘s 2018 track, “Get To You,” proves as much. The release marks the Denver-based artist’s 14th track release of 2020, following “Future Destination,” “Osmosis,” and “Bermuda Triangle.”

Originally released in the summer of 2018, “Get To You” donned the mellow bass and subdued style that only Supertask can muster up. Supertask fans immediately took to the track, making it an instant hit, which is around the time Mersiv’s edits began on the track. Early Mersiv fans first heard bits of the haunting vocals by Saint Sinner (of Tycho fame) and heady, grinding synths interjected into Mersiv’s sets, as heard on the Boogie T tour in 2018 as well as in the Digital Eden producer’s well-known Shambhala 2019 Mix. Whether the remix is official or not is unknown, but the wait for Mersiv’s remix has proved well worth its two years in production.

“‘Get To You’ was a track I first started playing out on the Boogie T tour. After hearing the response from close friends and fans, I wanted to make this an official release for New Year’s.”

– Mersiv

Mersiv’s take starts with a slow build of a soundscape characterized by a vocal refrain and underscored by building bass lines. While the build lasts longer than the original, allowing the listener to grow content with a soft melody, the song erupts at the 1:36 mark into a full bass onslaught of the melodic refrain. The meat of the track is in these clean sub-lines, heavy kick, and reverbing synths—all of which combine in a sonic range that is beautifully balanced by Saint Sinner’s continued high-end vocals. After a retreat back into the soundscape, the now-familiar chorus culminates into a finale flair with the full bass arrangement for the entire last minute of the track. Movement on the part of the listener becomes spontaneous and completely necessary.

Anderson Benoit Gallegos is the person behind The Mersiv Sound Project, known for his own unique “pretty-dark-loud” style of bass music. Gallegos has voiced the intention of bringing people into the present moment through an immersive experience in music. Certainly, Mersiv has been doing just that throughout 2020 and beyond. He is even rumored to have a new album on the horizon. Gallegos has certainly been building the suspense since last October with his many Wakaan offerings, so an impending LP announcement seems like it could come any day now.

Saint Sinner X SupertaskGet To You (Mersiv Remix)

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