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Mersiv releases masterful new 10-track project, ‘Digital Eden’

Anderson “Andy” Gallegos is the man behind the swiftly rising experimental bass project, Mersiv. With appearances at Buku and Deadrocks, with more on the way with Shambhala and Wakaan Festival, it’s hard to not notice the young rising star out of Denver. Now, rather out of the blue, Mersiv has just independently released 10 beautiful new tracks seemingly overnight in Digital Eden.

There was no promotion, no marketing, nothing. Not a single word was said about the well-thought out album until the moment of its release and it’s not entirely clear whether the project is an EP or a full-length album. Gallegos chose to share the album the morning of Mersiv’s debut Red Rocks appearance, where he was an opener for Zeds Dead at their sixth annual  DEADROCKS event.

The Digital Eden project is a collection of different sounds and styles that Mersiv has experimented with as well as some crisp collaborations with friends. Some of the tracks have been a few years in the making, but all contribute to one larger unifying theme: healing.

Mersiv tweeted, “The intention of each song is to heal and bring you into the present moment through sound. I hope this music finds a special place in your heart & inspires you to manifest positive affirmations throughout your journey.”

With tracks like “Be Here Now,” The Oasis,” “Immerse Yourself,” “Safe,” and “Healing Frequencies,” Mersiv truly creates a musical masterpiece that takes listeners on a transcendental journey through ambient sounds and awareness.