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CE favorite Nyrus takes flight into worldly psychedelica on ‘Boreal’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Nyrus is not just the bass music alias of Colin Rogers. His is a project known and loved by the entire CE staff. With sonic roots that intersect the worlds of psybass, world bass, and melodic bass, the Santa Barbara-based newcomer walks the line between the worlds of the waking and dreaming minds. He’s worked alongside the likes of Ahee and An-Ten-Nae, played at transcendent festivals like Lucidity, and has even been a featured guest mixer on CE‘s Electric Consciousness mixtape series as well as our Rising Bass Spotlight for his track, “Kolga.”

Now Nyrus kicks off 2021 with a prophetic tune, titled “Boreal,” which we are thrilled to release as the next official Conscious Electronic Exclusive. The three-and-a-half-minute cut is an entirely mind-altering foray into organic tones, breakbeat tempos, and wild vocal chops—all undergirded by gritty bass lines. Featuring tribal instrumentation, calming textures, cathartic glitches, and complex rhythmic structures, there are so many layers working together on “Boreal” in the conjoined effort toward relaxation and ascendance. The track is heavy, yet subdued; relaxing, and yet invigorating. Above all else, “Boreal” is spiritually-attuned, intelligent sound design.

On the inspiration behind the track, Rogers told CE exclusively that the track was inspired by an owl sighting near his home in Southern California. “This track is about what it’s like to be isolated and searching for spiritual fulfillment in a lonely, frozen landscape,” said Nyrus. “At times like this, a guardian will sometimes emerge from the icy woods and offer you a path forwards.”

He continues,

For Nyrus, these owls are a reminder of “where we come from” and “where we’re going.” They’ve survived for countless ages in the darkness, snow, and ice, and despite human encroachment on their territory and lifestyle, they continue to thrive. Imagining these tiny, tough owls surviving such hostile environments makes it seem like living on this planet as we do isn’t so bad.

Also, get the track on Spotify and Apple Music, here.

Nyrus – Boreal [Conscious Electronic Exclusive]

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