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Introducing Nyrus: West Coast bass newcomer releases Envision-inspired world tune, ‘Kolga’

Here at Conscious Electronic, we love all things bass — breakbeat, downtempo, left-field, experimental, dubstep in all its forms, you name it. As the underground bass movement has begun its full ascendancy in the US, we’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of up-and-coming bass artists the country over. As such, CE’Rising Bass Spotlight seeks to shine a light onto the rising producers who’re honing their craft, galvanizing their movements, and attuning eyes, ears, heads, and bodies into all things low end.

Washington, DC-born, Santa Barbara-based producer Colin Rogers has had a long love affair with all things music and dance. After growing up with hip-hop, drum and bass, and underground electronic music in the basement show circuits of the east coast, he spent a brief stint in southeast Asia before settling in California and diving into the west coast bass scene as Nyrus. With a name taken from “oneirology,” the study of dreams, Nyrus will walk the line with you between the worlds of the waking and dreaming minds.


That much is obvious on his newest track, titled “Kolga,” which covers the gamut of world and bass. The track was composed entirely in Costa Rica, where Nyrus attended a writing retreat in the week prior to Envision Festival. He says he went deep into the jungle to log and record organic tones from the jungle. From the bird calls to the monkey howlers, it’s not hard to feel Nyrus’ deep gratitude for frequencies that the animal world use to call out and communicate. More than that, there’s a call of the ancients that forms the spirit of the song.

“Reflecting the powerful ancient natural world and the equally powerful inner world, the forests and oceans of the tropics call in a sense of wonder and of duty,” says Nyrus on the inspiration for the track. “Named for a Norse mythological daughter of the waves, “Kolga” is an exploration of all that is deep and primal.”

Complete with tribal tones, glitchy tempos, calming chants, all driven by an undulating bassline, “Kolga” is the perfect tune for just about any occasion. Whether it’s manifesting through meditation or dancing in a drum circle, Nyrus will pull you deep into his expansive world and keep you locked into his hypnotizing beats. It’s a world where the natural meets the technological, where the physical and the ethereal collide, and where he is beginning to find his place alongside artists like David Starfire, Desert Dwellers, CloZee, An-Ten-Nae, and ATTYA, who even mastered “Kolga.”

Fusing everything from hip-hop, breakbeats, funk, soul, and world music under the constantly-expanding umbrella of bass music, Nyrus’ conscious musical stamp is not only what draws our attention for a Rising Bass Spotlight inclusion. Over the years, his sonic stamp has evolved into a musical soundscape that evokes the ancient tribes, forests, mountains, and oceans of the world.

Nyrus is gearing up to release more music soon with an EP coming later this year and we’ll be following closely when it does.